Grand opening ceremony: Stena Recycling AB opens its new industrial recycling plant for lithium-ion batteries! 

On 03/30/2023 our CSSO Björn Hötger and Jens Hübler, Head of Project Planning, celebrated together with the Stena team and many invited guests the impressive opening in Halmstad, Sweden. 

Team Barradas would like to thank the entire Stena team, around Hans Qvirist, Carina Petersson, Marcus Martinsson, Ola Henriksson and Sven Bång for their excellent and professional cooperation during the sales, planning and construction phase of this plant for #lithium-ion batteries. Some friendships forever were made here.

The “Barradas” plant liberates and separates the valuable Black Mass in a state of the art process, achieving the highest recovery and purity. The previously shredded and evaporated material is fed with all its ingredients to the heart of the plant, where it is delaminated and separated into its components in a special process.

The throughput of this plant is 4t/h.

The Barradas team wishes STENA only the best for the operation of the plant. 🤝

#Barradas: In this application “Recycling of lithium-ion batteries” Barradas offers the complete plant technologies, including safe pre-shredding process, state of the art vacuum drying process including safe condensation and off-gas management, recovery of the black mass and separation depth of the output fractions according to the customer’s needs. 

Other complete Barradas plants of this type are currently in the implementation phase. 

If you are interested in our solutions, please contact our sales team around Björn Hötger and Matthias Eske