We shred tires of all types and sizes to the desired output specifi cations on individual request.

Whether car or truck tires – we offer optimized shredding technologies down to the smallest output size. The fi rst stage of our plant concepts is based on the power of our Barradas rotary shears.

We provide:

  • Variable concepts for optimal, customer-adapted throughput
  • Processing of all possible types of tires (car, truck, EM, OTR, agricultural)
  • Needs-based production of salable material from tire chips to granules to fine granules and powder
  • High steel purity
  • Clean output quality according to customer requirements
  • Quickly adaptable change of the grain size spectrum

Our team of experts is at your side with advice and support for new and retrofit applications. With our modern shredding technologies – including our intelligent control system, the Barradas ICS – we offer a high degree of flexibility and guarantee throughput-optimized operation in a wide range of applications.

We accompany the entire process up to the realization of your desired solution and beyond!

  • Consulting (incl. on-site recording)
  • Engineering (pre- and detail engineering)
  • Project management
  • Process consulting and optimization
  • Turnkey plants
  • Plant control
  • Wide range of recycling technologies
  • Plant assembly
  • After-sales service