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Suitable. More Precise. Sustainable.

Barradas GmbH, founded in 1997, specializes in wear-resistant welds and the processing of wear-resistant materials. In addition to the mould industry and the manufacturing of wear-resistant shredding tools, we also offer the overhaul and modification of your shredder.

Our range of services includes

Recycling technology


A wear protection concept tailored to the application is the prerequisite for high system availability and calculable wear in the shredding technology. We would like to develop the right concept for you. In order to reduce wear costs for the required application, a suitable material for the occurring load must be determined. Barradas GmbH offers the necessary know-how. From the field of welding technology, we offer a wide range of different welding processes.

Second-hand machines


We offer you the sale, purchase and overhaul of second-hand machines. By overhauling and modernizing we make discarded or repair-requiring plants “ref-for-use”. Benefit from the resulting advantages, such as the lower investment costs and the increased productivity of the used plant. We offer refurbished recycling machines with warranty. Take a look at our offer of second-hand machines. In order to implement your individual requirements, we would like to advise you.



We ensure that you are able to use your tools again. Filling- or build-up welding is an economical alternative compared to the expense of producing a new tool. Using state-of-the-art welding technologies and customized welding alloys, we ensure that your forming tool is more resistant to wear. In addition, our range of services in the new production and processing of dies also includes mechanical processing using CNC milling technology.



As part of the full service will gladly take necessary repairs to your system in addition to on-site maintenance and the creation of an individual maintenance plan. We also gladly assist you to design a more efficient shredding process. Together we work out the right solution for your challenges. We take care of the assembly, the commissioning and the retraction of the machines to your material as well as the training and instruction of your personnel on site.