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Tools such as die casting molds, large forging dies, plastic molds, body tools as well as cutting and forming tools are welded to increase the service life in the range of application. We ensure that you are able to use your tools again. Filling- or build-up welding is an economical alternative compared to the expense of producing a new tool.

Using state-of-the-art welding technologies and customized welding alloys, Barradas GmbH increases the wear resistance of your forming tool by filling- or build-up welding. Due to repair welding of torned or worn tools, broken cutting edges or changes in shape your tools will be usable again.

Using state-of-the-art machining methods, Barradas GmbH manufactures forming tools of various geometries and materials such as cutting tools, punches, stamps, forging dies and sheet metal forming tools.

In addition, our range of services in the new production and processing of dies also includes mechanical processing using CNC milling technology.

For the processing and production of moulds for forming tools we offer the comprehensive know-how. This means the correct handling of different base materials and their special heat transfer as well as the suitable treatment of the surface to the requirements of the customers.


We manufacture dies for you out of special materials such as high-tempered hot-work steel. Upon request, we provide the die engraving with a special heat-wear-protecting surface by build-up welding.

Take note of cracks in your press table early. We professionally repair your machine racks. We offer you to check your local press.